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Pharmaceutical Advertising Advisory Board (PAAB)
Canadian not-for-profit organization Pharmaceutical Advertising Advisory Board
Paper magazines and on line portal for WORLD PHARMACEUTICAL & CDMO BUSINESS NEWS
Job section of the French leem organisation
Les entreprises du médicament <>The drug companies
Health section of european union site
entry point to reference source from the european union
official source of French law and legal texts
Journal Officiel
reference organisation dedicated to spread knowledge on Orphan Diseases
French site dedicated to pharmacological knowledge Initiative of physician Pierre Alain
French national pharmacists organisation portal
Heath On the Net Label
website of HON label
knowledge hub from Wilmington Healthcare
Hub of health related content/analysis from the company Wilmington Healthcare.
RX drugs data sheets
Canadian Health portal
entry point to the official drug database look-up of the canadian goverment site
German and French language version avaimable of the Swiss drugs compendium is a database of privately and publicly funded clinical studies conducted around the world.
wallstreet journal (health section)
wallstreet journal (health section)
Vidal (drug lookup section)
Drugs and healthcare resources from the historic French actor "VIDAL"
Ameli "études et données"
med-economic content from the French national health structure
Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety
New England Journal of Medecine (nejm)
New England Journal of Medecine Internet portal