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ONTARIO Ministry of Health, Ministry of Long-Term Care
ONTARIO Ministry of Health,  Ministry of Long-Term Care FDA Approved Drugs
FDA Approved Drugs from website
European Pharmacopoeia News
European Pharmacopoeia News
HAS Haute Autorité de Santé
News & events from the European Medicines Agency
News & events from the European Medicines Agency
(Assurance Maladie) Drug/health product Price information from the French national health service DB
look-up official pricing data from the French national health insurance  
Swissmedic, Institut suisse des produits thérapeutiques
official regulatory institution entity for authorisation and supervision of drugs in Swiss
reference document from the ansm (french drug security national agency)
ANSM entry point to drug related reference document
Health section of european union site
entry point to reference source from the european union
official source of French law and legal texts
Journal Officiel
Canadian Health portal
entry point to the official drug database look-up of the canadian goverment site is a database of privately and publicly funded clinical studies conducted around the world.
Ameli "études et données"
med-economic content from the French national health structure
Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety
NICE portal
National Institute for Health and Care Excellence portal -> entry to guidance section
NHS conditions A to Z
Direct access to NHS conditions A to Z
German national medical guidances website
Agence Nationale de Santé Publique
Site internet de l'Agence Nationale de Santé Publique
National Directory of Social and Sanitary Structures of France