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wallstreet journal (health section)
wallstreet journal (health section)
Vidal (drug lookup section)
Drugs and healthcare resources from the historic French actor "VIDAL"
Ameli "études et données"
med-economic content from the French national health structure
Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety
New England Journal of Medecine (nejm)
New England Journal of Medecine Internet portal
NEJM JournalWatch
medical news per specialty from the NEJM
National academy of medecine (NAM/IOM)
Website of the U.S. NAM. Access to news and publications
NICE portal
National Institute for Health and Care Excellence portal -> entry to guidance section
NHS conditions A to Z
Direct access to NHS conditions A to Z
German national medical guidances website
Agence Nationale de Santé Publique
Site internet de l'Agence Nationale de Santé Publique
Banque de Donnés en Santé Publique (BDSP)
archive du contenu BDSP
BBC health news
Direct access to BBC health news
Health Care sector business performance
website dedicated to medical biology
YAHOO health news (French)
YAHOO health news (French)
digital resources from the Paris Libraries of sciences
access point to digital resources
APHP public hospital of Paris
Site of the public hospitals of Paris
National Directory of Social and Sanitary Structures of France
archive of Medcost site
archive of Medcost site